How to Research your
Northern & Southern
Foster Civil War Soldiers

Civil  War 1861 through 1865

Uylsses S. Grant

Major General Ulysses S. Grant
officer of the Federal Army
Brady National Photographic Art Gallery, Washington D.C. (1860-1865)

Foster's who served from the Northern States

U.S. Civil War Training Presentation
(in PDF format)

American deaths in all Wars
Civil - 624,511
WW 1 - 116,516
WW 2 - 405,399
Korean - 43,891
Vietnam - 58,167
Afghanistan - 496
Iraq - 4,133

Robert E. Lee

General Robert E. Lee
officer of the Confederate Army
Photograph by Julian Vannerson, 1863

Foster's who served from the Southern States

Civil War Websites to assist you in finding your Foster Families

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