How to Research using
DNA with your
Foster Family

Comments by Terry Foster:

27 June 2008  - 

I have attached in this new report for the "other" Terry, participant #210.   You will also see I have added a new column on the report titled "eTMRCA".

Please do not get too excited about it just yet.  I am just beginning to fiddle with this calculation.  For those so inclined, I would like to see what formulas you can come up with to solve this problem
(any mathematicians/statisticians in the family?)  Ask around, we could use some help.

  • Each allele has a 1 in 500 chance of mutating in a given generation.  Lets start with a 67 marker test. 

    So the base formula would look something like this:

    67 X (1 / 500) = 67/500 (13.4%) :Odds of a perfect match.

    second generation

    2 X (67/500) =134/500 : (26.8%)

    and so on until you reach the 4th generation when you reach the 50% mark and 100% in the 8th generation.

  • Now, all that's based upon a perfect match.  The problem I have is, in my calculations a perfect match is the same result as 1 off.  The odds of being one off in one generation is 67/500 if you tested 67 alleles.  So what are the odds of being a perfect match?

  • Go to it egg heads.  Give me the mathematic formula that I could plug into an equation!

  • Here is our latest report on how we relate DNA wise so far: Click here

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