Foster Family
Ancestral Lineages
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William Foster #109 William L. Foster 1750 - 1848
Colonial Virginia to
Rowan County, North Carolina
Robert Foster #112
% Mary Foster
Francis Foster Virginia, South Carolina
Gary Lee Foster #116 Richard Foster 1723 - 1794
Gloucester, Amelia, Surry Counties in Virginia
Lester Foster #126 Thomas Foster 1735 - 1781
North Carolina
Myron Foster #150 Nathaniel Foster, Sr New Jersey
Athol Foster #155 Robert Foster 1651 - 1716
Gloucester & Essex Counties
in Virginia
Jerry Lee Foster #164 George Foster 1820 - 1886
North Carolina & Kentucky
Ben Foster #166 Robert Foster
son of James Richard Foster
1619 - 1691
Essex, Durhamshire, England
to Elizabeth City,
Gloucester, Virginia
Daniel Foster #169
Foy Foster #189
Townsend (Tim) Foster
Christopher Foster 1603 - 1687Ewell, Surry, England to
Southampton, Long Island, New York
Wayne Foster #200
Terry Foster #203 James Foster 1781 - Before 1850
Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee & Missouri
Robert Foster #207
Terry Foster #210
Brad Foster #223 David Foster 1706 - After 1746
Middletown, Middlesex, Connecticut
* These Submitters are members of Foster DNA Group 7 and have a 50% chance that their Most Recent Common Ancestor (MRCA) is within the last 500 years.  We each are looking for our connection.
By Special request the following booklet has been reproduced here as a guide to
Descendants of Richard Foster (1619) who migrated to Georgia

The Garnett, Foster, Catlett, Taliaferro, Collins, Dudley, Gatewood, Ham connections
by Jane Thomas Rowland, RR Books, Augusta, Georgia, 1998
As you click on each image (from Left to Right) the page of the booklet will appear in a full screen mode so you can read clearly
the content of the author, Jane Thomas Rowland.
Copies are available from
A. Ray Rowland
One Seventh Street, Suite 1503
Augusta, GA 30901
Phone or Fax 706 724-1193

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