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Okay, so we are having a little fun with the North and South designations of our Foster family.  But...

It is an interesting fact that when our Foster ancestors came to America from England that those who came from the north in England had a tendency to immigrate to the north of America.  They were usually from occupations involving manufacture and they lived in cities.

Those who were from the south of England came to America and immigrated usually to Virginia and then on to other southern states.  Their occupations were usually agriculture and farm life.

Perhaps this saying is true for our Foster family
Birds of a feather stick together!

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England Topo Map & England Counties Map

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Yankees - Northern States

  • *Ben Foster - Kentucky - England - e-mail

  • *Terry Jay Foster - Missouri - e-mail

  • (volunteer) - Kansas

  • (volunteer) - Iowa

  • (volunteer) - Minnesota

  • (volunteer) - Wisconsin

  • (volunteer) - Michigan

  • Jeanette Wescott - Illinois - e-mail

  • Jeanette Wescott - Indiana - e-mail

  • (volunteer) - Ohio

  • (volunteer) - Pennsylvania

  • (volunteer) - New Jersey

  • (volunteer) - Delaware

  • (volunteer) - Maryland

  • Brad Foster - Connecticut - e-mail

  • Townsend (Tim) Foster - New York - e-mail

  • (volunteer) - Rhode Island

  • (volunteer) - Massachusetts

  • (volunteer) - New Hampshire

  • (volunteer) - Vermont

  • (volunteer) - Maine

  • (volunteer) - California

  • (volunteer) - Oregon

*Though these states fought on the side of the North in the Civil War many people supported the South and thought of themselves as Southerners.



Rebels - Southern States

Needed soon... volunteer Foster research coordinator's for Tennessee, Arkansas, Georgia, Illinois & Indiana.

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