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Internet Websites
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  • Every little light on this chart is a website on the Internet and is indexed by search engines like Google to assist you to find your interests like the history of your family.

  • By saving websites to your list of favorites, you can return to visit them again.

  • Through an e-mail address you can send and receive messages throughout the world in very fast time.

  • When a website goes offline your browser gives you an error message saying that URL address page cannot be found.

  • This is the most amazing communication tool of our lives!

  1. After you have accumulated lots of family stories, organized your "proof sources" and linked them to each event (birth, marriage and death) for your ancestors it is time to publish on the Internet on a personal web page what you now know about your family.  After you have shared what you know you can ask for help in correcting and adding too your family's record.

  2. You will find many people very grateful for sharing your history and offering to send you photos of your great grandparents, etc that you did not know even existed.

  3. Mostly, I have found that if you will share your e-mail address on your web site people can reach you in a non-intrusive way.  It is very exciting to find an e-mail sharing information with you and saying "Thank You" for sharing that story, it means so much to me also!

  4. This is the moment you have been waiting for... people will tell you about websites they have found that add too what you have published and ask you to link to those sites from your site.  Now, even more people can share what they know about your ever enlarging family.

  5. Before long, you will wonder how you ever had time to work and raise a family!

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