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  1. Comments from William Foster to assist you in Carolina Research -

    In the Carolinas studying the Foster family lines can be like a puzzle connecting the lines who many times do not appear related. Unlike some Families who came Ashore ( Immigrated ) to the Carolinas via Charleston or Wilmington or Savannah into the Carolina Piedmont and Mountains:

    Most Fosters moved South into North Carolina and South Carolina after the Immigrants arrived in Virginia , Maryland , Penn, and yes up North in Mass. Then most Fosters immigrated "voluntarily" to the Colonies in the 1600s -1700s to become the East Coast Pioneers**** then Migrated to The Carolinas later.  I do not know if Sir Walter Raleigh's ( Now Lost Colony ) had a Foster in it, but one of The Leaders of The Carolina's Albemarle Colony was a Richard Foster who immigrant to Tidewater, Virginia.  The Carolinas thus became a Foster Family distribution area for migration West or Southwest.

    Thus the Foster Family Line Puzzles in regions of Rowan County, NC and up state South Carolina. The confusion is  all of these Fosters weren't of the same Family (Clan ) from England. Some of them Scot- Irish  immigrants who blended in with their English Foster Cousins.  Not all Fosters we found in the Carolinas have the same immigrant but appear to have different immigrant ancestors who possibly were of the same Foster Family in the generations before immigration or are related 6 generations back in Northumberland on the English Scottish boarder.  There are a few whose Haplo DNA group puts them no where related to Group 7 for the past 2000 years.  Thus, when researching the Foster's in the Carolina's, the best genealogy tool we can use or guide us is the Foster Family DNA identification for our most recent common ancestor.

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