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US Research Training


This research training consists of 12 lessons with comments by Gary Foster to guide you through these lessons and appendixes to supplement the lessons.  Then be sure to review the assignment questions with answers.  Many thanks to the dedicated missionaries who serve the general public at the Mesa Regional Family History Center and have developed and updated these training lessons to teach all who have a desire to learn to research their United States genealogy. 

Permission was given to put these lessons on-line to assist our Foster DNA cousins in their research efforts.  I agreed and ask each of you to honor the agreement that these lessons would not be offered for sale to anyone.  They are priceless and have been given to us free of charge to use and to learn some of the best genealogy researching skills in the entire country.  This is the third time I have taken this training course in the past 2 years.  The course is taught weekly for three months twice a year.  Then revisions are made and taught again to all who are interested in improving their research skills.

I think you will appreciate the professional work they have done and the .PDF format of each lesson so that you can view, save and print them for your use.  You can download the current Adobe Reader here if you need it for free.

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Follow the order of 1, 2, 3.
(Lesson, Appendix & Assignment with Answers to improve your research skills)


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P Preface -
O Overview A
1 Organization, FHLC 7 Handybook 1
2 Surveying & Researching the Internet 2
3 U. S. Census Records 3
4 U. S. Vital Records 4
5 U. S. Migration 5
6 Maps, Gazetteers, Directories & PERSI 6
7 U. S. Land Records 7
8 U. S. Probate & Court Records 8
9 U. S. Church Records 9
10 U. S. Military Records 10
11 Immigration & Emigration 11
12 U. S. Naturalization 12
Gary served in the Mesa Regional Family History Center as a missionary and webmaster for three years.